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City of Swan

Workplace Profile

The City of Swan is a diverse area of land, stretching over 1,044 square kilometres. The City is a unique blend of residential, commercial, industrial and rural land and is the largest local government in the Perth metropolitan area.

The City’s aim is to become one of the most highly respected local governments in the State, a target they are constantly striving for. With a forecast population of more than 124,000 residents (and rising), the City is a thriving hub of economic growth, consisting of some of the fastest growing suburbs in Western Australia, two regional centres, several national parks and reserves, major commercial and industrial areas and historically important town sites and rural areas. The City of Swan is committed to providing the best services to its communities by recruiting and skilling its employees to the highest possible standard. The City has 900 employees as at January 2015, including casuals, and is committed to developing its culture and leadership style to drive performance. Because they value their customers, they are committed to seeking the right employees with a range of different backgrounds, skills and experience.

The City of Swan is led by Chief Executive Officer, Mike Foley who operates under the guidance of the elected Council. Council delivers its services to the community through five divisions, Corporate, Operations, Planning and Development, Community Wellbeing and Stakeholder Relations, each of which is led by an Executive Manager. The City’s staff members work to the shared values of respect, excellence, accountability and leadership.

Health and Wellbeing Achievements

In 2014, the City of Swan indicated their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their staff by investing in a structured workplace health promotion program. The City is dedicated to creating a healthy workplace because it helps create a proactive work environment, assists in reducing health risks and improves outcomes for staff, both personally and professionally.

The program is centred on three themes – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Lifestyle. The City of Swan has a Health and Wellbeing Committee which coordinates a range of health promoting initiatives across these three themes to maintain and promote a healthy workplace. Such initiatives include:

  • A formalised champions program where elected staff members assist with promoting the program and share their stories of how they have improved their health and wellbeing
  • Calendar of wellness programs, including a City to Surf team, Fit 24 Wellbeing Team Challenge, Get on Track Challenge and corporate challenges
  • Subsidised gym memberships and registration fees for City to Surf
  • Flexible work hours
  • End of journey facilities including showers, change rooms and lockers
  • Lunchtime walking groups aligned to the 10,000 Step Challenge with prizes awarded to the winning group and individual walker in each group
  • Trialling sit-stand workstations to reduce sedentary behaviour and providing employees with a range of tips and strategies to help them stand up, sit less and move more
  • Warm Up for Work (a stretching program that can be utilised at any time of the day)
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Travel to work subsidies for staff who catch public transport or cycle  
  • Healthy eating and mental health workshops
  • Seminars on men and women’s  health to raise understanding regarding relevant health issues and considerations for healthy lifestyle changes
  • Health risk assessments
  • Fresh Start quit smoking course
  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Flu vaccinations.

The City continuously evaluates the success of their program and is always looking for new initiatives which will add value to their workforce as a whole. 

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Industry Public Administration and Safety
Workplace size 200 +
Location Midland and surrounds
Current Achievement
Mike Foley Chief Executive Officer

"As a City, we are committed to providing a healthy work environment which supports our greatest asset, our people. With appropriate resourcing and support we have seen our wellbeing program grow into an essential part of employees’ work life balance and improve the culture of our workforce as a whole. We will continue to improve and develop programs which we think will add value and we seek feedback from our own staff on an ongoing basis to ensure programs are relevant. Our investment in a wellbeing program has already resulted in a healthier and more engaged workforce."

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