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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

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Workplace Profile

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety aims to empower, motivate and educate its employees on the benefits of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and thus ensure all employees are equipped to reach their individual health and wellbeing potential.

Health and Wellbeing Achievements

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has a comprehensive workplace health and wellbeing program which includes four key elements: supportive policies, environment, education and activities.

Their program initiatives aim to be holistic which is represented in their "OSH and Wellbeing" logo -  mental health (leaf), physical health (dumbbell), nutrition (apple) and safety and development (safety cone). 

The Department received recognition for having the following:

  • Health and Wellbeing plan which provides an overview of their program and what strategies they are going to implement.
  • Dedicated Wellness Committee which meets regularly to discuss their program. The Wellness Committee includes workplace champions who represent different sites/teams.
  • Formal champions program. Individuals nominate themselves and are selected by the OSH & Wellbeing branch. Once selected, workplace champions are involved with assisting and promoting various wellbeing events and initiatives in addition to consulting with staff to ensure the program represents the interests and needs of Commerce employees. 
  • Smoke-free workplace policy which outlines that they do not support designated smoking areas and that smoking is not permitted in workplace vehicles and when employees are in company uniform, acting in an official capacity off-site or when carrying out official duties with members of the public.
  • TravelSmart Plan which encourages staff to actively commute (walk, cycle, catch public transport) to and from work. They also have SmartRider cards available for staff to use when attending work meetings/functions and have held "Active Travel" education sessions to promote the benefits. At the department's Cannington site, all TV and display screens feature the train times for staff to review when planning their journey home from the office.
  • End of trip facilities, showers, lockers, changing rooms, bike racks and flexible working arrangements to encourage physical activity before, during and after work. 
  • Subsidised activities, such as lunch time fitness groups and on-site health checks.
  • Communal sit-stand workstations, encourage walking/standing meetings, promote the HWWA Scared Sitless toolbox video and have held a 10,000 step pedometer challenge. 
  • Offer an array of prizes and incentives to encourage workers to adopt healthy lifestyles.  
  • Incorporated a "Wellbeing Warrior" category in to their annual "Spotlight on Safety Awards." This award aims to recognise and reward managers or employees who actively promote and support wellbeing initiatives and empower their fellow colleagues to participate in the wellbeing program.
  • Hold a variety of education sessions for staff, including healthy eating and cooking demonstrations. 
  • Distribute a monthly staff newsletter which promotes upcoming events and initiatives, features individual staff members and promotes healthy recipes. 
  • Evaluating the success of their program by conducting staff surveys and requesting ongoing feedback/suggestions on how they can improve their program. 






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Industry Public Administration and Safety
Workplace size 200 +
Location Cannington, Perth CBD, Albany, Bunbury, Geraldton, Broome, Karratha, Kalgoorlie
Current Achievement
Priscilla Bignoux OSH and Wellbeing Manager - October 2017

"At the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety we understand: Healthy Workers = Healthy Organisations = Healthy Business Performance. Our department is committed to a Wellbeing Program that aims to encourage, empower, motivate and educate our employees on the benefits of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and thus ensure all employees are equipped to reach their individual health and wellbeing potential. "

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