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Benefits for business

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The benefits

A workplace health and wellbeing program is a valuable investment for your organisation. A healthy worker is likely to be more motivated, productive and take less sick leave. Research also shows that healthy workers are safer workers. Health is closely linked to happiness; by improving the health of your workers, they are more likely to lead happier lives and make your workplace a nicer place to work.

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The business case

  • Healthy workers can be up to 30% more productive than unhealthy workers.
  • A workplace health program can reduce absence due to sickness by 21%.
  • Workers who smoke can cost business in terms of lost productivity due to smoking breaks and sick leave.
  • Poor health increases the likelihood of industrial accidents or injuries.
  • For every dollar employers invest in health promotion over a three year period, return on investment ranges from $1.40 to $4.70
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A workplace health program is a valuable investment for your organisation and your workers. Start your workplace program by checking out our Quick Start or Develop a Program pages.

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See which WA workplacs are demonstrating leadership in the area of workplace health and wellbeing.

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Develop polices, create work environments that support health & wellbeing and educate your staff to adopt healthy attitudes and behaviours.

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