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LiveLighter by stealth this summer

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Posted by: The balanced worker

The summer holidays are all about spending quality time with family and friends – relaxing and enjoying a little food indulgence too. Don’t worry, we’re not here to bop you on the nose and suggest celery salad recipes!

We’ve prepared some tips to help you LiveLighter by stealth this summer. They are simple changes you can adopt to make the healthy choice more appealing.


Set up a water station close to the alcoholic drinks or include non-alcoholic options in the same cooler. The visual cue will remind people to stay hydrated and help them drink responsibly. And if you are trying to cut back on the booze - watch this 3 minute video for great tips.

Gifts that give 

Instead of bringing a box of chocolates or wine for your host, try a box of cherries, a pot plant or a juicy pineapple – quirky and memorable alternatives.  Check out our 12 active gift ideas blog for more ideas.

Plating up

Let people serve themselves. This means everyone can eat to appetite.  It’s great to have the option to come back for seconds rather than feel pressured to finish a too-full plate.

Start a new tradition

The whole family can benefit from a little extra movement, so why not add some into the festive calendar. A late afternoon walk is a great way to help digest your lunch and avoid falling asleep on the couch.  

If dinner is on the menu then turn up the tunes for a boogie - a great activity to get you ready for dessert!


Include some colourful additions to platters and cheeseboards. Vegie sticks, vegie-based dips, olives, and dried fruit and nuts will brighten up your spread. Hot tip: cut up vegies the night before and keep in a container in the fridge with a wet paper towel to keep fresh. Some great snack and drink ideas from LiveLighter.

Indulgence, blowouts and guilt

If you’ve set yourself some healthy living goals for the festive season, be prepared for them to be challenged! It’s important to remember that what really matters are long term changes.

One ‘blow out’ day doesn’t mean you’ve failed, and doesn’t mean you should wait till next Monday, or January 1st to get back on track! 

Healthy recipe ideas can be found at LiveLighter.

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