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Mental Health Matters: Blooming at Work

Posted by: Office all-rounder

There’s a lot of talk about workplace mental health, yet talk alone is not enough, we need to act to reduce the costs and impact that mental health is having on the community and the workplace.

Tasha Broomhall, director and lead facilitator for Blooming Minds Mental Health and Wellbeing will facilitate the Mental Health Matters Lunch ‘n’ Learn and discuss and share practical tools you can use to improve and build a positive mental health culture in your workplace.

The Mental Health Matters Lunch ‘n’ Learn session will provide you with a new toolkit to ‘act’ and improve the mental health culture in your workplace. Here is a detailed checklist of what you'll get out of the session:


  • Information to proactively develop positive mental health and wellbeing Information in your workplace available in various formats (on intranet/regularly in newsletters/posters/reference cards with info services)
  • General mental health awareness information - Specific illness information - Information for specific groups (new parents/ carers/culturally diverse/LGBTIQ)
  • Policy and procedure that is implemented and communicated
  • Communication about the EAP provider so people are familiar with it
  • Talk about mental health whenever you talk about physical health (e.g. Agenda items for OSH meetings)


  • Training at induction that includes the importance of mental health and wellbeing and your EAP program and how to access it
  • Proactive stress management and resilience building training available for all staff
  • Specific training for leaders on their roles and responsibilities around mental health in the workplace
  • Specific training for leaders around creating positive workplace cultures
  • Specific training for leaders around positively managing change
  • General training for staff about how to have a conversation with someone that they are concerned about (how to provide support and encourage someone to get help while maintaining appropriate boundaries)


  • Support to refresh and implement skills learned in training
  • Mentoring for managers who have ongoing issues supporting staff with mental health issues
  • Videos and online learning to reinforce skills that can be accessed at any time to refresh knowledge and skills when planning actions
  • Ongoing support to talk through issues for support and coaching as and when they

This checklist has been provided courtesy of Blooming Minds Mental Health and Wellbeing who have partnered with organisations and communities to develop cultures of positive mental health and wellbeing for the past 10 years.  

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