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Physical activity

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Do you spend most of your day sitting down? Are you wondering how you can incorporate more activity into your working week? We have developed a number of videos and resources to give you ideas on how you can do this. 

Toolbox video: Scared sitless?
When you are sedentary all day, you are a sitting duck for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Little changes can make a big difference! Watch our toolbox video to find out how you can incorporate more physical activity into your day. 

Stretching at your desk videos 
Have you been sitting for most of the day? Feeling a bit tight in the shoulders? Stretching could be the answer! If you work on a computer, or just want some stretching tips, our 'Stretch at your desk' videos are perfect to keep you feeling terrific.

Ten easy office moves
This resource outlines ten easy stretching and strengthening exercises for office based workers.

Ten easy office moves 1.23MB

My Healthy Balance Program
Diabetes WA’s My Healthy Balance is a free, online educational healthy lifestyle program. It encourages and supports healthy behaviour changes related to physical activity, healthy eating and healthy weight.

Get On Track Challenge
Diabetes WA’s Get on Track Challenge (GOTC) is a free, online team-based challenge that uses fun and friendly competition to encourage individuals to make healthier choices. Participants are required to eat their daily quota of fruit and vegetables, and complete at least 30 minutes of physical activity to progress along a virtual track. The healthiest team wins!






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