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Develop a program

Achieving a healthier workplace doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Three simple steps is all it takes to create a healthier workplace: Plan, Do and Review.

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Developing a workplace health program is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Plan, Do, Review is a three-step process (mapped out below) that will instruct you what to do and direct you to free tools and resources. It's a cyclical process; so it means that you can continually change things and improve.

In a nut shell, a workplace health and wellbeing program involves:

  • Developing health-related policies
  • Creating a work environment that supports good health
  • Encouraging active participation in activities
  • Developing healthy attitudes and behaviours in workers through education

Scroll to 'Plan' and start your journey to building a healthier workplace now. Plan, Do, Review is also available as a print ready download. Click here to obtain your copy.

3 steps for a Healthier Workplace

Workplace Health Check

Find out just how healthy your workplace is and what you can do to make it better.

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Good planning helps to ensure a successful program. The phrase: “failing to plan, is planning to fail” is true for any project, including a workplace health and wellbeing program. There are some crucial elements within the planning process, that when complete will give your program the best chance of making a difference to the health and wellbeing of your workers. These include: gaining management support, identifying the priorities for your workplace health and wellbeing program, and consulting with staff.


Once you have decided on the priorities for your workplace, you can begin to implement your program. A successful workplace health and wellbeing program considers three key areas. These are:

  • Policy 
  • Supportive environments 
  • Education and activities 

It’s best practice to have a combination of strategies covering all three elements. This way, you will have maximum impact and will be more likely to see long lasting effects on the health/behaviour of workers.


Reviewing your workplace health and wellbeing program is very important as it helps you determine if your strategies have been successful and if you have met your program goals and objectives.

Quick Start

Short on time? Want to kick-start your health and wellbeing journey? Check out the Top 10 Quick Wins and get on your way.

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Develop a Program

Develop polices, create work environments that support health & wellbeing and educate your staff to adopt healthy attitudes and behaviours.

Develop a program

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