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Hwwa Leadership Lnl October 2017

Webinar: Leadership in Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Date: 4 October 2017
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

A weblink will be sent to you prior to the event.


Please note - if there are any technical difficulties on the day, the webinar will be recorded and made available on the website within one week of the event.

Evidence suggests that the most successful workplace health and wellbeing programs are those that have widespread support and leadership from the CEO or senior management team.

So, how can you get management to understand the benefits of creating a healthy workplace and support the program with appropriate resourcing?

You're invited to attend our FREE Lunch ‘n’ Learn panel session for managers and health and wellbeing coordinators - ‘Leadership in Workplace Health and Wellbeing’. 

This is a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced panel of senior managers from organisations who have strong management support and as a result, have seen success in their workplace health and wellbeing programs.

Join our diverse panel from various industries as they share:

  • How they were convinced to support their programs
  • Why health and wellbeing is seen as an important investment for their organisation
  • Insights, solutions and challenges to gaining management support


Expert panel members:

Trevor Shilton (Director of Cardiovascular Health, Heart Foundation WA)

"It is important that management understand and support the benefits of creating a healthy workplace and supports the program with appropriate resourcing.

A great way to gain management support is to provide evidence of how investing in workplace health and wellbeing will benefit the business. A healthy worker is likely to be more motivated, productive and take less sick leave."

Jennie Milne (General Manager of Human Resources, RAC WA)

"RAC understands the importance of management support for the success of health and wellness initiatives. We've created a healthy workplace culture and strive to integrate positive health and wellness concepts into the regular work environment across all workplaces.

Our program is strongly supported by the executive and leadership teams as employee health is strongly linked to employee engagement, retention and attraction, as well as reduced workers' compensation and absenteeism."

Maxine Plant (Director of Facilities and Services, Edith Cowan University)

"We tailor the program to meet staff needs and identified health risks of the organisation. The focus is on the long-term wellbeing of staff through systemic changes, not simply holding one-off information sessions. For example, carrying out an independant audit of catering outlets on all campuses with the aim to increase healthy options available."

Priscilla Bignoux (OSH and Wellbeing Manager, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety)

"At the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, our senior management (from the Director General to Executive Directors) understand: Healthy Workers = Healthy Organisations = Healthy Business Performance. Our department is committed to staff health and wellbeing and this is supported by a dedicated Wellbeing Program (Well at Work) that aims to encourage, empower, motivate and educate our employees on the benefits of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Thus, ensuring that all employees are equipped to reach their individual health and wellbeing potential."

Gordon Bateup (Director, ACORPP)

"ACORPP's key objective in implemeting a workplace health and wellbeing strategy is to encourage a healthier practicing environment to promote a more work-life balance."


Registrations for this event are now full, however there are still spaces available for the Lunch 'n' Learn.

Registrations for this event are now closed.

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