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Implementing your program

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HWWA have developed a range of resources to assist you with the implementation of your project which you can download here:

Engaging staff

What motivates one person to be healthy might not motivate another. This resource will help you develop strategies that will target all workers and show you how to promote your program.

Action planning

Creating an action plan will allow you to keep track of your program’s progress and successes. This resource provides you with a ready-to-use action plan template, full of tips and examples to get you on your way.

Best practice guide: Health and wellbeing strategies

This resource provides you with a range of strategies targeting smoking, healthy eating, alcohol and physical activity across the three key areas (policy, environment and education and activities). These strategies can be included in your action plan and workplace policies.

Selecting a service provider

When it comes to implementing parts of your program, you may require some specialist support. For example, you may need a health professional to deliver group education sessions or exercise classes. This resource provides you with questions to ask when selecting a service provider. 

Facilities checklist - physical activity 

Making sure your workplace has the right facilities will encourage and support workers to participate in your health and wellbeing program and increase their activity levels. This checklist can be used to assess your current facilities as well as identify areas for improvement.

Healthier food and drink facilities 

Whatever the set up, the facilities at your workplace will influence how and when your workers eat. This resource provides some suggestions on how you can improve the food environments in your workplace to support staff to make healthier choices. 


These resources provide you with a ready-to-use template, full of tips and examples to get you on your way.

Workplace Health Check

Find out just how healthy your workplace is and what you can do to make it better.

Take the health check

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