Quick Start

Short on time? Want to kick-start the health and wellbeing of your workplace? Check out our Top 10 Quick Wins and get on your way.

What is Quick Start?

If your workplace does not yet have a health and wellbeing program, then our ‘Quick Wins’ are for you. They’re designed to give your workplace some easy, practical ways to encourage workers to become healthier, happier and more productive!

For those workplaces that already have a health and wellbeing program, our Quick Wins can provide you with some simple and easy ways to expand your program.

  • Most of these are FREE to implement
  • Choose the ‘Quick Wins’ that suit your workers and your workplace
  • They can be used to form the basis of your workplace health and wellbeing program

Quick Wins

We've compiled our top 10 quick wins that will kick start your workplace's health and wellbeing program.

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The Top 10 Quick Wins


Provide healthy food and drinks at work functions

Swap the packet of biscuits for a fruit platter, and sausage rolls for salad sandwiches at work functions
e.g. meetings, conferences, lunches and celebrations. Healthy food can improve alertness and
concentration, whilst helping the health of workers.

Find some great catering ideas here 


Start a lunchtime walking group

Get some fresh air in your lungs. Lace up your shoes and take a walk with your colleagues. Ever heard of
Heart Foundation Walking?

Click for more info on walking groups


Promote Smoking Cessation

The Make Smoking History website provides information and resources for staff who want to quit
smoking or want information about quitting. It also includes information on Quitline, which is a
confidential telephone support service.

Click here for more details


Register workplace teams to participate in local physical events

Build a stronger workplace culture. Sign your team up for HBF Run for a Reason, Relay for Life or start
your own in-house sporting competition.


Make your lunch room inviting

Provide space for staff to store and prepare food. This will make it easier for them to bring a healthy
lunch from home. Items such as sharp knives, peelers and cutting boards can really make a difference.

Click here for information on how to provide healthier food and drink facilities in your


Supply workers with transport maps for routes to and from your workplace

When people exercise before and during work, they can be more productive all day. Include information about local walking pathways, cycling routes and public transport timelines in your workers’ induction packs, or place in a visible location in your workplace.


Remove rubbish and recycling bins from individual desks

Sitting at your desk all day is bad for your health! Promote walking by locating bins and printers in a
central location to encourage staff to get up and interrupt their sitting. Healthy workers can be almost
30% more productive than unhealthy workers.


Have standing/walking meetings instead of sitting around a table

Confronted with another meeting? Don’t just sit there, use it as an opportunity to take a walking meeting. If that is not possible, stand up for periods during the meeting. Standing can burn almost twice the kilojoules of sitting.


Send our Health Works newsletter to your employees

Health Works is a downloadable resource full of health tips and advice for workers. You can even add some health hints of your own with our editable version.


Only use healthy gifts or prizes

Be original. Don’t give a bottle of booze or chocolates as a prize or gift. Give a healthy cookbook, some
sports equipment or a voucher for some walking shoes. The gifts will be more memorable and your
workers will thank you for it.
Click here to find some healthier gift ideas

Want to further the health and wellbeing of your workplace or just looking for more ideas? Check out the 'Develop a program' section.

Develop a program

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