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Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC)

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The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) aims to be Australia’s leading organisation for market insight, innovation and applied technology in the grains industry. The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre exists to increase value in the Australian grains industry by ensuring Australian grain meets the needs of customer and end-users.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre's Workplace Health and Wellbeing program is coordinated by the People and Culture team and has been running for more than two years. In May 2019, the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre qualified as a Silver Recognised Healthy Workplace. Congratulations Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre.


Following support from Senior Management, staff consultation regarding workplace health and wellbeing was undertaken and a Program Coordinator to oversee and coordinate Program activities was identified. Following this, the Program Coordinator undertook the HWWA Coordinator Training and developed the Program's Action Plan.

Health and Wellbeing Program Activities

Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program includes the following strategies and activities: 

  • A detailed action plan which outlines the health and wellbeing priority areas and strategies 
  • A dedicated Program Coordinator to oversee and drive program activities
  • Weekly fruit delivered and healthy options available at catered events (including meetings)
  • Walking groups and staff competitions (including a staff virtual walking challenge)
  • Staff Health and Wellbeing e-newsletters and webinars


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Industry Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Workplace size 20 - 199
Location South Perth
Current Achievement
Richard Simonaitis Chief Executive Officer - May 2019

"AEGIC is committed to investing in employee wellbeing initiatives. Research shows that wellbeing programs support employees by reducing health risk factors and we are proud to support our team in this way. Our program to date has raised awareness of risk factors and helped us improve working conditions and employee engagement. We will continue to engage with our team and our wellbeing program."

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