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City of South Perth

Workplace Profile

The City of South Perth is a local government area in the inner southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth, about 4 kilometres south of Perth’s Central Business District.

The City has had a preventive workplace health program in place since early 2000 (e.g flu vaccinations and skin screening), however identified a need for more holistic programs to promote all round employee wellness.

Health and Wellbeing Achievements

The City of South Perth received Gold recognition for having the following health and wellbeing initiatives: 

  • A comprehensive action plan outlining objectives, priority areas and key activities
  • A comprehensive smoke free policy and offers support services to staff members who wish to quit smoking or cut down
  • A Health and Wellbeing Committee that meets regularly 
  • Provision of end of trip facilities that enable staff to participate in physical activity before, during or after work, including showers, changing rooms, lockers and bike racks
  • Provision of sit-stand workstations to staff and promoting standing and walking meetings
  • Travel Plan which encourages staff to actively commute to and from work. The City also provides and encourages staff to use their free fleet bikes and corporate Smart Rider cards to attend meetings throughout the working day
  • Prevention programs including flu vaccinations, skin screening and health assessments. 
  • An online health portal. The portal provides information to the employee based on a health assessment and their particular interests. The portal also includes information about healthy cooking, risks of smoking and alcohol, fitness, physical and mental health issues. 
  • Employees are able to access a 10 week health program which includes advice on diet, exercise, sleep and meditation.
  • Participation in physical activity challenges i.e 10,000 steps challenge 
  • Provision of one on one health assessments
  • Provision of free exercise classes scheduled during and after work as well as promoting corporate sporting events such as HBF Fun Run and the City to Surf 
  • Provision of prizes for staff who participate in group fitness sessions and health related activities 
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Industry Public Administration and Safety
Workplace size 200+
Location South Perth
Current Achievement
Geoff Glass CEO

Investing in the health and wellbeing of our employees is one of the highest priorities in the City’s workforce planning. Here at the City we aim to create a rich work environment that connects physical, psychological and social health which are the proven elements of a resilient, focused workforce less susceptible to illness, stress and with fewer preventable health problems.

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