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Galactic Co-operative

Workplace Profile

Galactic Co-operative is a WA-based, socially responsible, worker-owned technology business with two divisions, Galactic Scientifc and Svelto Bikes. Galactic Scientific provides advanced scientific instrument service, repairing "unrepairable" laboratory equipment and developing innovative devices with extremely long service lives, significantly reducing landfill. Svelto Bikes build quality Australian e-bikes, decreasing the number of cars on Australian roads, thereby reducing carbon footprint and contributing to a less sedentary lifestyle. Galactic Co-operative is classified as a small business with up to 20 employees.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Galactic Co-operative's workplace health and wellbeing program has been running for more than 12 months, and in 2019 Galactic Co-operative was recognised as a Silver Healthy Workplace. Congratulations, Galactic Co-operative.  


Following support from Senior Management, a health and wellbeing champion was appointed to coordinate the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program. After undertaking HWWA Coordinator Training, the health and wellbeing champion reviewed current activities and strategies, including health and wellbeing policy, and identified key goals and objectives for the Health and Wellbeing Program. Upon moving into new premises, Galactic Co-operative reviewed the physical environment to ensure it supported health and wellbeing behaviour. In addition, Galactic Co-operative conducts ongoing staff consultation surveys to help guide the health and wellbeing program as well as plan for the future.

To increase staff participation in health and wellbeing activities, Galactic Cooperative recommends gaining strong senior management support as well as implementing a dedicated staff consultation process which involves all workplace members and employees. 

"One of the first big achievements from the consultation process was the establishment of a napping room. Seeing this tangible outcome of the process helped convincing our people of the value of the process and getting everyone on board", Stephanie Black, Quality Manager & Workplace Well-Being Champion

Health & Wellbeing Highlights

Galactic Co-operative's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program includes the following initiatives and activities:   

  • Removing designated smoking areas and providing smoking cessation support to employees 
  • Reviewing and updating health and wellbeing policy
  • Incorporating health and wellbeing as part of new employee induction processes
  • Introducing a pool bike for employee use 
  • Upgrading and providing end of trip facilities such as bike storage
  • During and after work physical activity activities, such as lunch time bike riding
  • Awareness raising and educational sessions  

Goals for the Future

Galactic Co-operative is currently working towards Gold Recognition and is looking to introduce strategies targeting healthy eating and sedentary behaviour. 


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Industry Administration and Support Services
Workplace size 0 - 19
Location Welshpool
Current Achievement
Stephanie Black Quality Manager & Workplace Well-Being Champion, February 2019

"As a worker-owned cooperative, we place a high value on the health and wellbeing of our members and employees. Besides making people happier and avoiding unnecessary suffering from preventable health issues, a focus on good workplace health and wellbeing is also good for business. Examples of positive business outcomes include improved employee productivity and creativity as well as decreased sick days and staff turnover."

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