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Nidjalla Waangan Mia

Workplace profile 

Nidjalla Waangan Mia (NWM) was established in 2010 as a medical service to help meet the needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Peel region. Services include a Nurse led clinic, care coordination and supplementary services program and an outreach worker. NWM also offers podiatry clinics, diabetes education and visiting specialists.  The Centre employs 16 staff, 50% of whom are Aboriginal people. NWM commenced their staff wellness program in March 2016, with support from the South Metropolitan Health Promotion Service.

Health & Wellbeing Highlights

Nidjalla Waagan Mia received Silver for their Workplace Health and Wellbeing program which contained the following:  

  • Detailed action plan outlining key strategies for implementation over the next 12 months
  • Fortnightly staff wellness meetings which include a standing agenda item
  • Sit-stand workstations available to staff to encourage employees to be less sedentary throughout the day  
  • Software installed on staff computers to remined them to stand more and sit less
  • Healthier Workplace WA Toolbox videos playing on loop in the client waiting room and showed at fortnightly staff meetings
  • Installed bike racks to encourage active commute to work
  • A communal vegetable garden for staff to take standing breaks and boost mental health and wellbeing
  • Stay on Your Feet program (10 weeks)
  • Yoga sessions (10 weeks)
  • Tai Chi sessions (10 weeks)
  • Weekly walking group (all year)
  • Indoor balloon volleyball sessions (10 weeks)
  • Staff Communal Health Feast using Deadly Tucker cookbooks

Nidjalla Waagan Mia are currently working towards improving their Smoking and Nutrition policies. 

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Industry Health
Workplace size 0 - 19
Location Greenfields/Mandurah
Current Achievement
Kerry Cabassi Practice Manager - May 2017

"It has been a joy being part of the staff wellness program & seeing the staff embrace the healthy changes. Our staff morale is up & we tend to communicate more efficiently as a team & are able to cope better & support each other more, with the daily stresses of work. "

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