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Rocky Bay

Workplace Profile

Rocky Bay is a leading provider of disability services, offering choice and independence to thousands of people of all ages living with a disability in Western Australia.

With a focus on quality and service excellence, our dedicated teams work with individuals and families to deliver relevant therapies, the latest equipment and technology, innovative leisure and social programs, training and employment opportunities – in the home, at our centres and in the community. 

Health and Wellbeing Achievements

  • A smoke-free workplace policy
  • Supportive infrastructure to encourage their workers to be physically active before, during and after work (showers, changing rooms, lockers, swimming pool, basketball courts etc)
  • 7 sit- stand work stations to reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace
  • Encourage their workers to break up their sedentary behaviour by taking the stairs, by going for short walks at lunch time and stretching throughout the day
  • Offer subsidised physical activity sessions to their workers including Pilates, Yoga and Circuit classes
  • Hold workplace challenges such as the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge and use healthy incentives to encourage participation
  • Send out monthly health and wellbeing newsletters
  • Host on-site health visits from Corporate Health Promotion companies such as HBF. This includes activities like individual health assessments and flu vaccinations
  • Encourage their workers to actively commute to and from work by providing information about walking and cycling routes
  • Provide educational material and other information on a range of health issues 
  • Provide healthy food and snacks at meetings
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Industry Health Care and Social Assistance
Workplace size 200+
Location Mosman Park
Current Achievement
Kris Ingham Health & Wellness Officer - May 2015

"As an organisation our aim is to give our clients a better quality of life. Healthy employees helps us to achieve this. "

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