360 Environmental

Workplace Profile

360 Environmental is a leading Western Australian environmental management consultancy, providing a wide range of environmental services to our clients. 360 Environmental is particularly adept at developing synergistic teams and alliances to provide sustainable, innovative and cost effective environmental solutions. 

Health and Wellbeing Profile

360 Environmental's workplace health and wellbeing program, has been running since 2015 and is coordinated by the marketing and administration department. 


Following support from senior management for the implementation of a workplace health and wellbeing program, 360 Environmental identified a Health and Wellbeing Coordinator to oversee program activities. The Coordinator completed the HWWA Coordinator Training and undertook staff consultation via workplace surveys to assess the health and wellbeing needs of staff. Once this information had been collected, the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator developed an action plan. In addition, regular evaluation of program activities is conducted. 

Health and Wellbeing Achievements

360 Environmental's workplace health and wellbeing program encompasses a wide range of different strategies and activities, including: 

  • No Smoking Policy with no designated smoking areas and quit smoking resources promoted to staff
  • Healthy Eating and Catering Policy and Alcohol Policy relating to organisation function and gifts and rewards
  • Adequate kitchen facilities to help staff store and prepare fresh food
  • Education and awareness raising activities regarding smoking, nutrition and alcohol and physical activity, such as Healthy Recipe Swap Club where staff exchange healthy recipes
  • On-the-go food storage for field workers
  • A range of physical activity opportunities offered to staff, such as bi-weekly personal training
  • Physical Activity Policy 
  • End of trip facilities to encourage staff to actively commute to work

Three top tips from 360 Environmental for other workplaces include:

  1. Gain management support
  2. Consult staff on health needs/wants
  3. Internally promote why health and wellbeing activities are important in the workplace
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Industry Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Workplace size 20 - 199
Location WA wide
Tamara Smith 360 Environmental Director

“Good health and wellbeing is the basis of happy individuals and strong community. It not only underpins each individuals personal and professional lives, but creates a wave of positive behaviours in families and society. I am passionate about mental and physical health being a core part of our organisation and continually work to introduce and maintain systems and initiatives that support this. I believe that this is will create a workplace and culture where people experience improvements in physical and mental health, satisfaction and share the benefits in the broader community and the work we do.”

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