ACORPP is an independent consultancy, specialising in the provision of property advisory and project management services to the private, corporate and government sectors.  ACORPP have offices based in Perth and Brisbane and provide services nationally.  ACORPP's Perth office comprises of 12 staff and operates out of Subiaco, while our Brisbane counterparts make up a team of 4.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

The ACORPP Health and Wellbeing Program has been running since 2016 and is overseen by two Program Coordinators. 


ACORPP's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program was initiated by Senior Management. After undertaking the workplace health check and allocating resources to implement their program, ACORPP appointed two Program Coordinators who undertook the HWWA Coordinator Training (both online and at one of the face-to-face workshops). Following the training, ACORPP developed a comprehensive Workplace Health and Wellbeing Action Plan.

Health and Wellbeing Program Activities

ACORPP's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program includes the following strategies and activities:

  • A detailed action plan which outlines the health and wellbeing strategies they are going to implement over the next 12 months. Strategies target all 4 SNAP areas (smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity)
  • Two dedicated Program Coordinator's to oversee and drive program activities
  • Smoke-free workplace policy with no designated smoking areas 
  • Replacing the kitchen biscuit jar and chocolates with weekly, fresh raw vegetable snacks, nuts and fruit
  • "Walking Wednesdays" whereby staff are not permitted to email internal staff on this day, encouraging them to stand and walk over to staff instead
  • Reviewing and educating staff of the Workplace Policy Handbook which focuses on the SNAP lifestyle risk factors
  • Promoting the Australian Alcohol Guidelines and informing staff that ACORPP does not encourage drinking above the recommended number of standard drinks
  • End of trip facilities such as showers, lockers and secure bike storage and ensuring staff, both current and new, are aware of these facilities
  • Corporate Smart Rider cards to encourage staff to catch public transport to and from work meetings and functions
  • Liaising with fitness providers to arrange corporate group fitness sessions 
  • Free education sessions regarding the SNAP lifestyle risk factors
  • Promoting and encouraging staff to use the standing meeting table and to host walking meetings to reduce sitting time
  • Promotion of HWWA Toolbox videos and LiveLighter resources, and distributing HWWA Health Works newsletters to all staff on a monthly basis to raise awareness on a range of health issues
  • Social Functions Policy which outlines how they aim to limit and manage alcohol consumption at work events and social functions. Strategies include:
    • Limiting the duration of events where alcohol is provided in order to reduce excessive drinking
    • Providing food and low/no alcohol options at events where alcohol is available
    • Holding alcohol free events throughout the year to take the focus of drinking

Three top tips from ACORPP:

  1. Gain Senior Management Support
  2. Seek advice from Healthier Workplace WA and utilise the HWWA Resources
  3. Keep Program activities informal and interactive to encourage staff participation
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Lisa Seun Director

“ACORPP recognises that staff are the biggest asset to small business. Investing in the health and wellbeing of our people is an obvious investment for the operations of business, but also makes ACORPP a great place to work.”

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