Bang Digital

Workplace Profile

Bang Digital is a digital marketing company who design effective digital marketing strategies for businesses and organisations. This includes, but is not limited to: Google Ads, SEM, SEO, social advertising and email marketing. Bang Digital also specialises in user experience and digital design.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Bang Digital's health and wellbeing program is coordinated by the administration team and has been running since 2019. 


Following senior management support for workplace health and wellbeing, Bang Digital conducted a workplace audit and appointed a Program Coordinator who undertook the HWWA Coordinator Training. The Program Coordinator consulted with staff via face-to-face discussions and digital polls to collect information regarding staff's health and wellbeing wants and needs. Following these steps, the Program Coordinator developed and began implementing Bang Digital's workplace health and wellbeing action plan

Health and Wellbeing Program Activities

Activities implemented as part of Bang Digital's health and wellbeing program include: 

  • Dedicated Program Coordinator to oversee program activities
  • Standing desks and breakout areas to encourage less sedentary behaviour
  • Walking meetings an option in the calendar alongside boardrooms
  • Healthy prizes and incentives for staff participating in health and wellbeing activities

Bang Digital is now working to increase staff cycling to work and utilising end of trip facilities. 


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Industry Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Workplace size 20 - 199
Location Metropolitan
Renae Lunjevich Managing Director

"Bang Digital knows that having a positive health and wellbeing culture in the workplace makes for a happy and productive team. Investing in my team and their health is beneficial for my business, which is why we continue to welcome suggestions and support programs developed by the team."

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