City of Canning

The City of Canning in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs is home to approximately 93,500 people. It is a proudly multicultural City with a strong economic focus. The City covers 65 square kilometres, and at its heart is the beautiful Canning River (Djarlgarro Beelier in Noongar). The City’s vision is to be a welcoming and thriving city for all residents, employees and visitors.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

City of Canning's Health and Wellbeing Program has been running for many years and is overseen by a dedicated Program Coordinator. 


Following completion of the HWWA Online Coordinator Training, City of Canning drafted an action plan and proposed budget for workplace health and wellbeing. Following staff consultation, the action plan was taken to the City’s steering committee and endorsed by senior management. Since the launch of their health and wellbeing program, activities are regularly monitored and reported to the safety’s senior leadership team at monthly steering committee meetings.

"We use multiple forums to promote and engage employees in the Wellbeing Program. This includes updates at our monthly staff meetings, through our employee e-newsletter, the employee intranet, toolbox meetings and utilising notice boards for employees without internet access," says the City of Canning's Program Coordinator.

Health and Wellbeing Program Activities

City of Canning's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program includes the following strategies and activities:

  • Dedicated Program Coordinator to oversee and drive program activities
  • Fleet bikes and corporate Smart Riders to encourage employees to actively commute to off-site meetings;
  • Physical activity initiatives, such as promotion of standing/walking meetings and free gym membership for employees;
  • Individual health assessments for staff;
  • Seminars regarding health and wellbeing, such as healthy eating and nutrition;
  • An online health portal which provides health and wellbeing related information; and
  • Resources for employees who want to quit or reduce their smoking, and group education sessions with a trained quit smoking councillor to help employees on the journey to quit smoking.

"The City’s Wellbeing Program engages employees, boosts morale, and assists them in managing their own health and wellbeing by providing them with the tools and resources to do so. We have seen improved mental health literacy of our employees and People Leaders with some targeted training and seminars." says the Program Coordinator.

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Industry Public Administration and Safety
Workplace size 200+
Location Cannington
Arthur Kyron CEO

“We aim to be a welcoming and thriving City. Our staff's health and wellbeing is essential to ensuring we achieve this aim. The City’s integrated wellness program is a holistic approach that addresses physical, mental and financial wellbeing to ensure employees thrive at work and life in general.”

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