Economic Regulation Authority

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Workplace Profile

The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) is Western Australia’s independent economic regulator. The purpose of the ERA is to promote the interests of Western Australian consumers through independent regulation, analysis and advice, now and into the future. 

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Economic Regulation Authority's workplace health and wellbeing program is coordinated by the Human Resources Department and supported by a OSH and Wellness Committee. 


Following support from senior management, the OHS & Wellness Committee members completed the HWWA Coordinator Training. The OHS & Wellness Committee  conducts staff consultation and guides the planning and development of the workplace health and wellbeing program.

"Our management has always been supportive of workplace wellbeing, and spearheaded the move to a more formal program. We have an OSH and Wellness Committee who discusses any concerns related to wellness and plans the wellness activities. The committee also receives any feedback from staff and discusses this at regular meetings" says Roshan Fernandes, Manager Human Resources. 

Health and Wellbeing Program Activities

Economic Regulation Authority's workplace health and wellbeing program is comprised of a range of strategies and activities, including:  

  • End of trip facilities, such as shower and locker facilities, to encourage staff to actively commute to work
  • Individual health assessments, including skin screening and flu immunisations during OHS & Wellness Week
  • Physical activity opportunities offered to staff, such as yoga and pilates
  • Ergonomic assessments for new staff and sit-stand workstations available upon request
  • Lunch time education and awareness events and online portal featuring health related information
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Industry Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services
Workplace size 20 - 199
Location Metropolitan
Roshan Fernandes Human Resources Manager

"The Economic Regulation Authority is committed to the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff. We value our people by providing a wellness program that considers the whole person, and makes our agency a more productive, welcoming and safe place to work."

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