Galactic Co-operative

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Workplace Profile

Galactic Co-operative is a technology based, worker-owned business in Perth. Trading as Galactic Scientific, they provide technical expertise across multiple industries, including biomedical, broadcast, laboratory and advanced scientific instrumentation. 

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Galactic Co-operative's workplace health and wellbeing program has been running for more than 2 years and is overseen by the Health and Wellbeing Manager.


Following support from Senior Management, a Health and Wellbeing Manager was appointed to coordinate the workplace health and wellbeing program. After undertaking HWWA Coordinator Training, the Health and Wellbeing Manager reviewed current activities and strategies, including health and wellbeing policy, and identified key goals and objectives for the Health and Wellbeing Program. Upon moving into new premises, Galactic Co-operative reviewed the physical environment to ensure it supported health and wellbeing behaviour. In addition, Galactic Co-operative conducts ongoing staff consultation to help guide the health and wellbeing program as well as plan for the future.

Health & Wellbeing Program Achievements

Galactic Co-operative's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program includes the following initiatives and activities:   

  • Dedicated Program Coordinator to oversee program activities and action plan
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy which makes reference to smoking cessation and provision of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages at staff events
  • Removing designated smoking areas and providing smoking cessation support to employees  
  • Incorporating health and wellbeing as part of new employee induction processes
  • Awareness raising and educational sessions regarding the SNAP risk factors (smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity)
  • End of trip facilities to encourage staff to be physically active before during and after work 
  • Promotion of physical activity events, such as staff lunch time bike ride and fortnightly Friday afternoon cycling activity
  • Promotion of local public transportation options and pool bike for employee use to attend meetings held off-site

Galactic Co-operative regularly conducts evaluation of program activities and results are used to plan for the future. 

"We compare the survey results from year to year and use this information to determine areas where interventions will have the highest impact, and we then fine tune our action plan accordinglyOur 2019 follow up survey results showed measurable improvements in health and well-being indicators. In addition, our workplace climate has become more friendly and relaxed since the implementation of the wellbeing program. Our co-operative members and employees are proud of our achievements, and we are getting a lot of positive feedback," says the Health and Wellbeing Manager. 

Three top tips from Galactic Cooperative for other workplaces include:

  • Gain senior management support. Presenting a solid business case for workplace wellbeing to senior management will help to ensure top level management buy in.
  • Involve and consult with all staff in determining the priorities for the program and action plan. This will assist in getting staff engaged and invested in workplace wellbeing.
  • Evaluate your program. Measure your baseline before you start and conduct annual follow-ups to determine your progress and help fine tune the program. 


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Industry Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Workplace size 0 - 19
Location Welshpool
Stephanie Black Quality Manager & Workplace Well-Being Champion

"As a worker-owned cooperative, we place a high value on the health and wellbeing of our members and employees. Besides making people happier and avoiding unnecessary suffering from preventable health issues, a focus on good workplace health and wellbeing is also good for business. Examples of positive business outcomes include improved employee productivity and creativity as well as decreased sick days and staff turnover."

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