Makybe Rise Primary School

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Workplace Profile

Makybe Rise Primary School is a local, merit selection, state of the art Independent Public School in Baldivis, Western Australia. Makybe Rise Primary School aim's to graduate all students into the wider community with the knowledge and skills to achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The School is committed to excellence in academic and social achievement, working to ensure that every child, every day experiences a sense of significance, belonging, fun and challenge.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Makybe Rise Primary School's workplace health and wellbeing program has been running for more than 4 years and aims to improve the lifestyle, health and productivity of all staff. The School's workplace health and wellbeing program is coordinated by the Deputy Principal and classroom teacher and supported by the Makybe Rise Wellness Committee.

"At Makybe Rise Primary School we recognise the important role this workplace has in preventing poor health and lifestyle related diseases, and are committed to creating a workplace environment that supports and encourages healthy lifestyles. We are also committed to supporting and encouraging our workers to participate in education and activities that improve their health and wellbeing." says the Makybe Rise Primary School Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

"We believe our extensive staff consultation processes, both in the development of the program as well as on an ongoing basis (to review and improve our program), has led to excellent take up and participation rates in the various strategies and initiatives we have, and continue to, roll out."


Following support from Senior Management, the School recruited members to join a Committee focused on staff wellbeing. Each member of this committee undertook the HWWA Coordinator Training. The School also completed the HWWA Workplace Health Check and consulted with staff before developing a workplace health and wellbeing action plan. 

"The three pillars of the Makybe Rise Primary School Staff Health and Wellbeing Policy are:

  1. To ensure the built environment and facilities support workers to be healthy and active;
  2. Raise awareness and educate workers on the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle in order to prevent chronic disease; and
  3. To promote and encourage participation in workplace health and wellbeing initiatives.

Within each of these pillars we have a wide range of strategies and initiatives that encourage and enhance staff health and wellbeing." says the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator. 

In addition, the School conducts ongoing staff consultation to help guide the health and wellbeing program as well as plan for the future.

"Staff members also noted in the survey responses that the increase in healthy options for snacks, lunches, drinks and exercise opportunities provided by the Wellness Committee had seen a positive change in their daily diet and exercise."

Health and Wellbeing Program Achievements

Makybe Rise Primary School implements a wide range of strategies and initiatives that encourage and enhance staff and health and wellbeing, including:

  • Dedicated Program Coordinators and Wellbeing Committee to oversee program activities
  • Comprehensive Action Plan accompanied by overarching Staff Health and Wellbeing Policy outlining the School's commitment to addressing smoking, nutrition, physical activity and alcohol in the workplace
  • Adequate kitchen facilities to encourage staff to prepare and store fresh food
  • Subsided fees for fitness classes and corporate fitness challenges
  • Promotion of walking groups and meetings, and sit stand workstations to target sendentary behaviour
  • Staff (social) events focused on physical activity and not alcohol 
  • Distribution of monthly staff newsletters focusing on health and well-being
  • Provision of healthier drink and food options in staff room and school canteen
  • Comprehensive online staff portal (Wellness on the Rise) including health and wellness information, updates and resources
  • Provision of end of trip facilities (such as shower facilities and bike racks) to encourage staff to actively commute to and from work
  • Staff are also encouraged to set an achievable wellness goal each year.

"Our canteen is green rated and provides staff with healthy snacks or lunches to purchase. We also provide free fresh fruit in the staffroom and all unhealthy options are hidden away to decrease temptation. We no longer provide chocolate or alcohol as gifts and we do not allow any chocolate for fundraising." 

Three top tips from Makybe Rise Primary for other workplaces include:

  1. Get management on board
  2. Listen to the concerns of staff
  3. Make wellness a priority

For more information regarding implementing health and well-being programs at your school please visit Healthier Education Workplaces.


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Industry Education and Training
Workplace size 20 - 199
Location Metropolitan (Baldivis)
Steph McDonald Principal

"As educators one of the most important things we can do is to model good choices and positive habits for our students, and our Health and Wellness initiatives help us do this."

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