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Ship Agency Services Pty Ltd is a leading Australian shipping agency company that is dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service to their clients. Their head office is strategically located between the ports of Fremantle and Kwinana and acts as a hub to provide agency services throughout Australia and abroad.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Ship Agency Services aims to build a company culture that revolves around compassion, encouragement and consideration towards the health & wellbeing of their employees. This has helped them to create and maintain a healthy workplace environment that leads to improved employee job satisfaction and morale. 

"Healthier and happier employees create a pleasant environment which increases productivity and keeps employees positive and enjoying working at our company,"  says the Ship Agency Services Health and Wellbeing Program Coordinator.


Following support from Senior Management, and after undertaking HWWA Coordinator Training, Ship Agency Services carried out staff consultation to help guide the development of their health and wellbeing Action Plan. New staff are provided with an overview of the workplace's health and wellbeing program during their staff induction and are kept up to date with program activities at monthly office meetings where workplace health and wellbeing is a standing agenda item. 

"Employee involvement is the number one key. We do our best to provide our employees with all the information and keeping them involved. The program is designed around our employees and what they would like to benefit from, " says the Ship Agency Services Health and Wellbeing Program Coordinator.

Health and Wellbeing Program Activities

Ship Agency Services' workplace health and wellbeing program includes the following initiatives and activities:

  • A dedicated Health and Wellbeing Coordinator to oversee program activities
  • Smoke-free workplace policy with no designated smoking areas on site and smoking cessation support available to staff
  • Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy which prohibits alcohol on company premises and states that all catered events will include a range of healthier options which are low in fat, sugar and salt and high in fibre
  • Fully equipped kitchen where staff can prepare fresh food
  • End of trip facilities including shower and bathroom facilities to encourage staff to be physically active before, during or after work
  • Free gym membership of choice for all staff
  • Encourage and support staff to participate in community or corporate physical activity events 
  • Provide a free weekly fruit basket and filtered water for all staff 
  • Invite guest speakers to deliver education sessions on a range of health topics including nutrition, physical activity and mental health 
  • Promotion of walking or standing meetings and regular breaks from sedentary behaviour 
  • Distribution of monthly Health Works Newsletter to staff members to raise awareness of topical health issue

"We asked employees what fruit they would like purchased and have noticed that most of the fruit is consumed within the week. This encourages employees to eat healthier and they seem to be a lot happier as they feel healthier, "says the Ship Agency Services Health and Wellbeing Program Coordinator.

Three top tips from Ship Agency Services for other workplaces embarking on workplace health and wellbeing are:

  1. Speak to your Employees to see what they would like from the program.
  2. Set reachable goals. You will have a better chance of Employee participation.
  3. Make progressive changes to the workplace and not all at the same time.
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Workplace size 0 - 19
Location Bibra Lake
Andrea Maslen Administration Manager

"Ship Agency Services is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment. Our people are our most important asset and their health, both physically and mentally, is our top priority. We will continue to review and develop our Health and Wellbeing Program to ensure it remains relevant. "

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