The Perth Mint

Workplace Profile

Gold Corporation - The Perth Mint is Australia’s leading precious metal refining, minting and value adding group, providing high quality services and precious metal products to domestic and international markets. The Perth Mint offers an excellent working environment and employs more than 350 people in a variety of exciting and unique positions.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

The Perth Mint's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program has been running for approximately 3 years and is coordinated by the People and Culture team.


Following support from senior management, a health and wellbeing champion was appointed to coordinate the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program. After undertaking HWWA Coordinator TrainingThe Perth Mint carried out staff consultation to help guide the development of The Perth Mint's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Action Plan. Due to the varied levels of employees within the organisation, The Perth Mint used a variety of online and paper based staff consultation methods to gather information, and later promote health and wellbeing initiatives to employees.

"The focus of our Wellness Plan is to create physical and mental awareness amongst employees whilst focusing on the areas and topics that staff have identified as areas of interest, allowing them the courtesy of choice. Our program has created great team work within departments and the various sites," says Jane King, General Manager, People and Culture.

Health & Wellbeing Highlights

The Perth Mint's Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program includes the following initiatives and activities:   

  • Smoke-free policy with no designated smoking areas 
  • Healthy food options and catering for staff  
  • Sit-stand workstations and options for walking meetings
  • Education and awareness raising events such as Staff Health Expos which include healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Health assessments and physical activity opportunities for staff, such as flu vaccinations, skin screening and discounted gym memberships
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Industry Manufacturing
Workplace size 200+
Location East Perth
Jane King General Manager, People and Culture

"As we spend so much of our time at work, I consider we have responsibility to our employees to add value to their life experience in many areas including their overall wellness. Employees who enjoy physical and mental fitness or wellness, contribute more to an organisation and being part of a supportive, caring establishment builds a sense of belonging, which drives engagement."

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