The University of Western Australia

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Workplace Profile

The University of Western Australia is in the top 100 universities in the world and is one of Australia’s most respected research institutions. The University currently employs approximately 3,300 professional and academic staff, and has over 23,000 students enrolled in campus and offshore programs.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

The University of Western Australia's Health and Wellbeing Program is coordinated by a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Officer within the Safety, Health and Wellbeing Team. 


Following completion of the HWWA Coordinator Training and gaining senior management support, the University appointed a dedicated Program Coordinator to oversee health and wellbeing activities. The Program Coordinator then recruited a health and wellbeing committee and undertook staff consultation before developing an action plan which includes health and wellbeing policies and strategies and a year round calendar of events.  

Health and Wellbeing Activities 

The University of Western Australia implements a comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Program and actively supports healthy behaviours through the following a range of strategies:

  • A dedicated Health and Wellbeing Program Coordinator
  • A comprehensive action plan 
  • Campus wide smokefree policy, with support available for staff who wish to quit or cut down
  • Alcohol policy and guidelines which outline how the University aims to limit and manage alcohol consumption at work and social events 
  • End of trip facilities (including electric bike shed) to promote active commute to and from work, as well as on site gym, sports centre, tennis courts and pool facilities
  • Encourages standing and walking meetings to help break up sedentary behaviour 
  • Offers flexible working arrangements to encourage staff to engage in physical activity opportunities before, during and after work hours
  • Offers a range of healthy activities for staff, such as dietitian consults and nutrition seminars, coorporate team sports, staff activity challenges and sports fun day, and free registration to community events such as City to Surf and HBF Run for a Reason
  • Offers staff incentives to encourage healthy behaviours, such as subsided gym membership fees
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Industry Education and Training
Workplace size 200+
Location Crawley
Professor Dawn Freshwater Vice-Chancellor

"UWA recognises that the health and wellbeing of our staff is critical in enabling us to meet our strategic goals."

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