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5 minutes with Jade Aim Greenfields Primary School

Posted by: The Communicator

As Deputy Principal, Jade is hoping to achieve gold recognition in the Recognised Healthy Workplace program, the first school to achieve this level.

Describe your role in one sentence

As Deputy Principal at Greenfields Primary my role is to inspire a love of learning and to help shape the future of Australia.

What makes you smile?

The students.  Every day I am in awe of what they have learnt and their passion about what they are learning.  When a student understands something new or achieves their personal goals, it is a privilege to be involved in their celebrations.  It is also an honour to work with staff who are passionate and high achievers, who help the students reach for the stars.

Right now I want to?

Work towards achieving gold recognition from Healthier Workplace WA and be the first school to be recognised as such.  I am also working towards getting Nature Playgrounds at Greenfields Primary School, which will decrease student stress levels and help increase the physical activity of our students.

What makes you day rewarding?

Knowing I made a difference, even if it is only small.

What is your number one health tip?

Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn

Jade has attended HWWA's Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Workshop and we hope to share her success in the Recognised Healthy Workplace program with you.

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