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5 tips to move more at work

Posted by: Office all rounder

We spend a lot of our time sitting – especially at work. But the good news is that it’s easy to Move More. Fitting in small bursts of activity and breaking up your sitting is easier than you think. Making small changes can make a big difference. Being active is good for your mind and your body – taking a quick break from your desk can really refresh your thinking.

Here are 5 simple and cost effective tips to help you move more throughout your workday: 

  1. Plan healthier meetingsRather than having a sit-down meeting, have a standing meeting or standing ‘agenda items’ for longer meetings. Even better, try a walking meeting for less formal discussions. 
  2. Quit the sit. Take a break from your desk every hour. Get up and take a short walk around the office or walk the stairs a few times. Don’t forget to incorporate some stretches – this will help combat back pain too. If you have a sit-stand work station these are great for breaking up your daily sitting.
  3. Ride or walk to work. By walking or cycling you can combine getting to and from work with an average of an hour of daily exercise. It will also help you maintain a healthy weight and is good for your mental health and wellbeing.
  4. Lace up at lunch. Use your lunch break to exercise. Try skipping, a brisk walk, short run or start up a walking group with colleagues. 
  5. Team work. Get involved in a local or national event such as City to Surf, Run for a Reason or Bike Week. Training as part of a team is fun and you might make some new workplace friends too!

Here are some free and low cost physical activity programs that your workplace could add to the annual Health and Wellbeing calendar:

  • Get on Track Challenge is a free, online, team-based challenge that uses fun and friendly competition to encourage workers to make healthier choices with physical activity and healthy eating.
  • My Healthy Balance is a free online, educational healthy lifestyle program which encourages and supports healthy behaviour changes related to physical activity, healthy eating and healthy weight.
  • Your Move is a free workplace initiative to promote active travel and integrating physical activity into your work day.
  • Heart Foundation Walking is a free program designed to help workplaces start a workplace walking group.
  • HBF Run for a Reason. Get your friends, family or buddies together, and enter the Half Marathon, 12km or 4km today.

Useful links: BEST PRACTICE GUIDE: Tips for Good, Better and Best in workplace health strategies.  

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