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Action Planning for long term success

Posted by: The Communicator

Developing an action plan is a vital step in ensuring your workplace health and wellbeing program is a success in the long term. 

Once priorities for your workplace are set, an action plan allows you to describe what you want to achieve and the steps you’ll take to achieve it. An action plan also helps to keep track of your program’s progress and successes.

Our Action Plan template is a great way to get started providing you with prompts and examples to help you complete the action plan. The key elements of a successful health and wellbeing action plan include;

  1. GOAL – A program goal describes the overall aim of your health and wellbeing program and should be focused on the long term (three to five years).
  2. OBJECTIVE - An objective will state how you will achieve your goal.  These are focused on the shorter term (six to twelve months) and should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. Eg Increase the number of employees exercising each work day by 15% by 30 September 2017.
  3. STRATEGY – Strategies are the steps you will take to implement the objective. 
  4. TASKS  Tasks break the strategies down into specific steps.
  5. KEY PEOPLE – Details the people who are responsible for coordinating each task.
  6. RESOURCES – Details what you need in order to deliver each task eg. time, money and equipment.
  7. TIMEFRAME – Details when the task will start and its expected completion date.
  8. EVALUATION - The evaluation method describes how you will measure the success of the objective. Eg Through the use of face-to-face, paper based and online staff surveys conducted prior to the implementation of the strategy and at 6 months post implementation.

Healthier Workplace WA's free resources are available to make the action planning process easier including;

These are a great starting point to create a personalised workplace health and wellbeing program that meets the needs of your workplace. If you're interested in developing an action plan for your workplace you can complete the free HWWA Online Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Training, which covers the steps required in detail. 

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