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BeUpstanding: Stand Up, Sit Less, Move More

Posted by: Office all rounder
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Do you spend most of your day sitting down? Are you wondering how you can incorporate more activity into your working week? 

Excessive occupational sedentary behaviour or 'too much sitting' is increasingly being recognised as a workplace health and safety issue based on:

  • a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence on the potential harms;
  • increasing public awareness of these harms;
  • a high proportion of workers with exposure to sitting;
  • recent recognition by various national and international authorities of sedentary behaviour as a health concern;
  • and emerging evidence of effective and feasible risk controls

The BeUpstanding: Stand Up, Sit Less, Move More Lunch ‘n’ Learn session will provide you with an overview of a new Champion Toolkit designed to help workplaces support their staff to stand up, sit less and move more for better health and wellbeing.

Prof Leon Straker head of the Technology, Activity and Health group at Curtin University, will discuss the benefits of sitting less and moving more, and provide an overview of the new BeUpstanding Champion Toolkit. Here is more detail on what you can expect to learn at the session:

The Latest Sitting Science:

  • Why is too much sitting bad for us?
  • What are the risks of too much sitting?
  • How much sitting is too much?
  • The importance of addressing siting at the workplace
  • What the evidence tells us we can do

The BeUpstanding Champion Toolkit:

  • Why focus on Champions?
  • BeUpstanding messages
  • BeUpstanding startegies
  • How the BeUpstanding Champion Toolkit works
  • Sneak Peak

BeUpstanding is the culmination of over 10 years of research into what works to reduce sitting time and increase movement in today’s working environment. It is based on the world-leading Stand Up Australia program of research conducted at The University of Queensland, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in collaboration with Deakin University and Australian government and industry

BeUpstanding was created and is led by researchers at The University of Queensland, Australia. For enquiries contact

Learn more about physical activity strategies in the workplace.

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