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Corporate Gifts - Move over wine & chocolate

Posted by: The Communicator

If you’re responsible for purchasing gifts and rewards for your workplace (or personal life) making a small change such as switching to non-food and drink gifts can make a big difference.  Here’s our top 10 end of year gift list.

  1. Feel the sunshine
    Create a WA beach pack – A beach bag or backpack with sunscreen, towel, waterbottle, hat or beach umbrella.

  2. Barbie Bits
    December to March provides a great opportunity to fire up the BBQ.  Consider a gift basket with BBQ utensils, healthy cookbooks, marinades and apron.

  3. Bocce anyone?
    Get active with the gift of sports equipment such as a bocce set, totem tennis, basketballs or footballs. How about a swim pack with goggles, towels, beach bag or swim passes?

  4. Out on the town 
    The summer season in WA brings plenty of opportunity to get out and about.  Consider tickets to the Perth Zoo, outdoor movies or even experiences at the Perth fringe festival, there’s enough to keep most entertained and make the gift      memorable.

  5. Coffee fiend
    If there's still time, customise a reusable coffee cup with your company logo.  Fill the cup with coffee vouchers or beans and encourage people to use it on their return to the office in the new year.

  6. Foodies on the list
    A hamper pack with a theme such as an Asian inspired gift pack or Fill a wok with a bamboo steamer, rice noodles, sauces, marinades and even chopsticks.

  7. Tea for Two, Three or More
    Create an iced tea pack and add a variety of teas to an iced tea jug.  You can add tea cups, strainers and tongs to boost the pack.

  8. ME time
    For many the promise of some time out with a voucher to a massage, pamper      session or even a meditation class is enough to relax.  There’s plenty to choose from.  Ever been in a float tank?

  9. Kick off with a healthy new year
    Keep the healthy push into the New Year with the gift of a gym membership or yoga classes.  Vouchers for varying lengths of time can be adapted to the needs of those on your gift list.

  10. Thrill seekers Step Up
    If you have people looking for extreme excitement adventure experiences such as      driving, water sports or even hot air balloon rides might push the adventure button.

Workplaces can lead the way by making healthier choices for end of year gifts and rewards, creating a positive start for the New Year.  Gift tips are perfect for ideas for family and friends too! Share good health around.

Healthier Workplace WA (HWWA) has free resources and tools to help, including: Healthier Gifts & Rewards and Healthy Catering. For more assistance, take a look at or contact the Healthier Workplace WA team at

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