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Festive Four - A Healthy Festive Focus

Posted by: The Communicator

Apart from end of year corporate gifts and rewards workplace festive celebrations are an opportunity to support your staff's health and wellbeing.  Our Festive Four aims to keep your workplace healthy during the silly season. 

1. Body Movin'
With the number of end of year functions, informal get togethers and weekend catch ups, it's inevitable that we will increase food, drink and therefore energy intake.  To combat this we need to move more during the work day. Consider a weekly walking group, walking meeting, swap the lift for the stairs, or start a workplace challenge like the Get on Track Challenge.

2. Be Picky
If you're planning an end of year function make sure to include a range of food options including healthier alternatives.  Steer clear of fried foods, pastries and chocolates and opt for fruit kebabs, rice paper rolls or chicken curry boxes.  Check out Healthy Choices Healthy Futures Healthier Catering Guide for healthier catering ideas.

3. Back to Basics
During the hype of celebrations it's easy to forget about healthy choices.  Keep it top of mind and distribute our Health Works newsletter or utilise posters to encourage healthier habits.  A supportive, healthier workplace can help start the new year off on the right foot.

4. Planning to Win
Now's a great time to harness people's enthusiasm for a healthy start by planning next year's health and wellbeing program.  We have free resources available to help you get started from how to consult with staff, to creating an action plan and choosing best practice strategies. Visit our website for more inspiration.

Wishing you a healthier, happier and relaxed festive season.


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