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Five Reasons to become a Recognised Healthy Workplace today!

Posted by: Special Guest

Five Reasons to become a Recognised Healthy Workplace today! 

The working environment can play a big part in our health and wellbeing.  After all - in our busy, modern lives, research shows we spend approximately one-third of our time at work.

In 2020, staff want more than just an income from an employer. Employees are seeking a sense of purpose and community, positive team morale and cohesion, happiness, fulfilment and work-life balance.

Workplace health and wellbeing can help to meet these employee needs so it’s clear implementing a workplace health and wellbeing program is a vital investment for both employees and businesses.

Healthier Workplace WA (HWWA) offers a range of services and resources to help workplaces implement health and wellbeing programs for their staff.  Here are five reasons to get started and become a Recognised Healthy Workplace today:

1. Good investment for both businesses and employees

Everyone is a winner. Both businesses and employees can benefit from implementing workplace health and wellbeing programs.

For businesses, an effective program can increase productivity at work by 29%, reduce absenteeism due to sickness by an average of 30% and decrease staff turnover by an average of 10%. We’ve estimated potential business savings from implementing a workplace program from sick leave and staff turnover could be around $15,660 per annum.

For employees, an effective program can improve overall worker health by 24%. A healthy worker is more likely to be: engaged in their work; more productive; have greater levels of energy and concentration; and feel more fulfilled. Health is also closely linked to happiness. Happiness is great for workplace culture and likely to make your workplace a more enjoyable place to work.

2. Based on best practice and supported by research

The World Health Organisation recognises that workplaces are a priority setting for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours. HWWA and the Recognised Healthy Workplace Program are based on best practice evidence and promote a ‘Plan, Do, Review’ approach to workplace health and wellbeing.

HWWA has a range of resources to support employers to address smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity (SNAP) in the workplace. Ask your employees which SNAP risk factors they would be interested in.

3. The application form only takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

It’s easy. We understand workplaces have limited time and resources, so we’ve made the process as simple as possible. The online form generates an automated, tentative response regarding what level of Recognition the applicant has achieved (Bronze, Silver or Gold). We’re always only a phone call or email away to help too.

4. Makes you an employer of choice when recruiting new employees

Staff retention is always a challenge and research shows workplaces who don’t promote health and wellbeing are four times more likely to lose talent within 12 months than those that do.

Research also tells us that employees who work in organisations who actively promote health and wellbeing are three times more likely to regard their workplace as a highly desirable or above-average place to work.

5. It’s free!

HWWA’s services are free and they’re available to all Western Australian workplaces. Our goal is to build the capacity of WA workplaces to create supportive environments and policies that promote healthy lifestyle behaviours for their employees.

Workplaces who have implemented a workplace health and wellbeing program for their staff for a minimum of six months may be eligible to apply.

Read about what other healthy workplaces are doing at the Who’s Recognised section of the HWWA website.

Apply Now! Click here to become a Recognised Healthy Workplace.

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