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Get active the e-easy way

Posted by: The Happy Worker

In my current job, my employer makes it incredibly easy for me to be active. I know lots of other employers are doing the same, recognising how vital their workers’ health is to their productivity and their physical and mental wellbeing. But I also know that not all workplaces have the funds or the capacity do this and that’s where technology can help. The clever use of some of the great free technology that’s available means we can all get more active during work hours.

Sit less, move more

Like many of you, I spend long hours at my desk so I’m always looking for ways to break up my sitting time. I recently discovered the YouTube channel eFit30 after they partnered with Healthier Workplace WA to produce a series of short videos entitled Stretches at your desk. I just love these. You’ll be surprised at how just a few minutes of simple stretching can energise you, help improve your posture and prevent shortening of the muscles that can lead to neck and lower back pain. Getting up for two minutes every half an hour or at least four minutes every hour will also help beat some of the health risks associated with long periods of sitting.

Get up, get social

My workplace runs a weekly standing quiz on a Monday afternoon. Everyone makes their 3pm cuppa, meets in the staff kitchen and has a lot of fun pitting their knowledge against the quizmaster. Lots of quizzes, including those from daily newspapers, can be found online. I’ve also heard about a Perth workplace that has a daily silent disco. Everyone plugs in their headphones, plays the same YouTube music video and dances for a few minutes to beat the afternoon blues.

A class act

All it takes is an enthusiastic coordinator, an empty meeting room, an internet connection and a projector to run a free exercise class at work. On their YouTube channel, Efit30 has yoga, pilates, circuits and a range of other videos presented by physiotherapists and some of Perth’s best instructors in their field. I was recently at a team building day, where we all took a half hour break in the afternoon to do one of the Efit30 exercise sessions. I also regularly try out the different Pilates classes in the comfort of my own living room.

Get on track

There’s something about a bit of friendly competition that can make you go that extra mile. I recently took part in an online walking and healthy eating challenge with some of my workmates and was surprised by how filling out a log and being accountable to my team really pushed me to increase my daily physical activity. The next Get on Track Challenge  starts on March 17, so rustle up a team with your workmates and sign up!

More, more, more

These are just some of the ways technology can help and there are so many more out there, including a huge selection of apps.  What’s your favourite way to use technology to get active?

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