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Get active together

Posted by: The Happy Worker

Some things are just more enjoyable when you do them with other people and, in my book, exercise is one of those things.

It can be great fun exercising with others and there are other benefits too. For starters, there’s accountability. If you don’t show up for a group session, your workmates will be stopping you in the corridor to find out why.

Encouragement is another benefit of exercising in a group. On your own you might be inclined to give up a little more easily than when you’ve got the encouragement of a group, especially when you’re all working together towards a joint goal like participating in a team event or raising money for charity.

Getting together with workmates to exercise also means you meet people you might not otherwise interact with at work. You might even make some new friendships that extend beyond the workplace.

Here are some ways you can get active with your workmates:

Step out

Start a walking group – it’s easy, free and provides lots of opportunity for socialising. Walking is also an accessible way to start building up your fitness. Your walking group can walk before work, after work or during lunchtimes depending on everyone’s preferences.

All you need is someone to champion the walking group and remind everyone of when walks are taking place. Maps of the local area are also useful to plan your walks. Try and build in some walking at a local green space as studies show time spent in nature is good for stress levels.

Get on Track Challenge also runs online walking challenges for workplaces.

Take the challenge

As summer approaches, the calendar of sports events in Western Australia takes off. Events like City to Surf, HBF Run for a Reason, and the RAC Freeway Bike Hike are opportunities to get workmates together to train and participate in an event.

Use staff noticeboards, newsletters and team meetings to find others who are interested in joining your team. You may find that your employer is willing to sponsor team t-shirts or entry fees for your chosen event.

Get a room

Group fitness classes can be great fun. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to try everything from belly dancing to Konga (like Zumba but with hip hop music), thanks to classes put on by my employers.

Workplaces have a few different options – join in with a fitness class running at a local gym or leisure centre, organise a qualified instructor to come to your workplace, or try an online class like the ones provided by eFit 30.

Speak to your workplace health and wellbeing coordinator about organising a group fitness class. If you don’t have one, why not become a workplace champion and organise one yourself? You’ll need to consult with your workmates to find out what classes they are interested in and then promote the class.

These are just some of the ways to get active as a group. Share with everyone the ways your workplace gets active together in the comments section below.

Until next time,
The Happy Worker


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