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How to be a workplace health champion

Posted by: The Happy Worker

Sometimes the seeds of a successful workplace health initiative can be sown by the initial passion and enthusiasm of just one person.

Formally this person is known as the workplace health champion although you’ll probably recognise them as your highly sociable and organised workmate who is great at inspiring everyone to take part in health related activities.


Here are some of the qualities a workplace health champion might have:

  • Good networking skills – a champion knows lots of people in their organisation, has good rapport with people at all levels and has the trust of their workmates.
  • Energy and enthusiasm – a champion has a personal passion for health that they enjoy sharing with others in a supportive way.
  • Time – the champion is in a job that allows them, with their manager’s approval, to spend a bit of time each week organising activities and events.

The role

In workplaces without a corporate health and wellbeing coordinator, the role of the workplace health champion can be pretty informal. In fact, they may not even see themselves as fulfilling a particular role – they are just doing what comes naturally.

A workplace health champion drives workplace health and wellbeing activity, assisting to implement a successful workplace health program. In workplaces that do have a dedicated health and wellbeing coordinator, the champion is still important in providing a link between workers and the coordinator.

Champion This!

Find yourself nominated as a workplace champion? Here are some steps to help you support others: 

  • Circulate our Health Works Newsletter. This newsletter is sent monthly and includes current and relevant health and wellbeing information. Health Works has the option to be customised by adding the company logo or other information and sent out to employees. Subscribe here to receive Heath Works each month. 
  • Browse and promote our Toolbox videos and past webinars. Our library of Toolbox videos and webinars cover a range of topics including healthy eating, alcohol, sedentary behaviour and mental health.
  • Check out our Ten Top Quick Wins which outline ten simple ideas to encourage workers to become healthier, happier and more productive.  
  • Complete the HWWA Online Coordinator Training - the online modules are self-paced and should only take about an hour to complete. You can save and exit at any time and come back to complete your modules later!
  • Find out what workers want and what they are enthusiastic about and then respond to this, or pass it this feedback on to decision-makers. 
  • Talk to decision makers about the benefits of investing in workplace health and wellbeing. Check out our Business Case for some great ideas.


The benefits to the workplace of having a health champion are obvious but there are also benefits for the person taking on this role. These might include:

  • The chance to share a passion,
  • The satisfaction of making a difference to people’s health,
  • An improved profile within the organisation,
  • The chance to learn some new skills,
  • The chance to influence decision making on something they feel passionately about,
  • Opportunities for training or skill development once managers realise the benefits of workplace health and wellbeing initiatives. 

Until next time,
The Happy Worker


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