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Kickstart the Health of your Workplace

Posted by: The Communicator

Not every workplace has a health and wellbeing program in place but there are easy and cost effective ways that help to encourage healthier behaviours at work without a strcutured program in place.

Small actions can kickstart a culture of healthy behaviour.

Our team of advisors have compiled their top 'small steps' below.  You don’t need to implement them all, think about what would be most appropriate for your workplace and build on from there.

Healthier eating and drinking

  • Display our free posters encouraging workers to drink more water and snack on fruit.
  • Take a look at what food is offered at work functions and meetings. If you think it could be healthier, this Healthy Catering Guide from Healthy Choices Healthy Futures suggests ways to make changes.
  • Get workmates together to form a weekly or monthly salad club in summer and soup club in winter, and share your recipes with each other.

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Getting active

  • Start a lunch time walking group. Chances are you’ve got a workmate who is a keen walker and would be happy to coordinate the group.
  • Remind workers of the benefits of taking regular standing, stretching and walking breaks to reduce sitting time. Take a look through the posters section of our resources for posters that could be displayed in meeting rooms and near workstations.
  • Provide new starters and existing workers with information on local walking, cycling or public transport routes to and from your workplace. The Your Move program also has lots of information on active commuting.
  • Encourage teams to enter into local sports events like Run for a Reason or City to Surf. It’s so much more motivating and enjoyable to train and participate together and your workplace may even sponsor the entry fee.

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  • Use your normal channels of staff communication (email, intranet, newsletters) to promote the Quitline – a free interactive support service for people wanting to quit – and to regularly remind smokers of the benefits of quitting.
  • Contact Cancer Council WA for details on smoking cessation support at work.
  • Signpost smoke-free areas, including outdoor areas where smoking is not permitted.
  • Talk to managers about flexible working arrangements that allow workers to attend quit smoking activities or courses.

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  • Provide free water and non-alcoholic drinks at work functions. If alcohol is provided, ask workers to buy their own.
  • Choose alternatives to alcohol when giving prizes, thank you gifts or for fundraising.
  • Think about organising staff events at times when alcohol is not expected to be served, for example at morning or afternoon tea.
  • Speak to managers about becoming an alcohol-free workplace and about leading by example.

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These are just a few small actions that your workplace could try to kickstart your health and wellbeing program. Take advantage of our free online Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Training which will assist you to implement a successful workplace health program.

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