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Lunch break exercise

Posted by: Kristie Dignam

Have you found yourself longingly gazing out the window lately, thinking you’d much rather be out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air? 

Well, what’s stopping you? 

Getting out and about during your lunchbreak presents many opportunities to improve your health and it does not have to resemble a boot camp to be effective. 

It could include simple things like walking, yoga in the park, a bike ride or some stretches. Just standing up and moving around is better than nothing.

It will make you feel better and give you some quiet time to clear your head and calm your nerves. 

A healthier you could be a few small changes away so start by asking yourself, what is stopping you from getting up and moving?

Let's start by looking at some common excuses. 

Sweaty Betty? Not a problem. Keep a packet of wet wipes in your drawer for freshening up after your break, slow your pace just enough to avoid excessive sweating or review your wardrobe to include more breathable fabrics. Keeping some deodorant in your drawer is not a bad idea either.          

What if something important happens while I'm away from the desk? Make it work. Take your mobile with you, write a note to your workmates so they know where you are, or look at enlisting someone to cover for you. What about using your workplace open spaces? Who knows, your healthy routines might rub off on your workmates? 

Need your break to perform errands? There is a solution. A quick post office visit can be turned into exercise time. Grab your sneakers, pick up your walking pace and add a few lunges. You can change the way you have always done things - the sky will not fall.

Worried about what your workmates think? It may sound silly to some but this is a common road block. How about inviting your colleagues to join you for a bit of exercise, or perhaps think about getting some counselling to help you manage your feelings. Where there is a will there is a way.

Just don’t know how? Ask for help. There are likeminded people everywhere with great ideas and experiences to share. By speaking up, you might find someone at work who wants to join you. 

There are so many other things you can do. 

Using a hands free mobile kit so you can ‘walk and talk’, having an office set of training gear, sharing your plans with your workmates are just some of the ways you can make time for exercise and MAKE IT HAPPEN

For some more ideas on how to incorporate exercise into your lunchbreak check out our Your Health at Work brochure. Or if you are involved in organising workplace health activities for others check out our Sedentary Behaviour Factsheet. There are also stacks of other helpful resources and tips available on the Healthier Workplace WA website.

There are always ways around the road blocks.

A small and simple change like adding some lunchbreak exercise will help you to become healthier. 

So, stop gazing out the window and get out there.

Kristie x

About Kristie Dignam

Biggest Loser finalist, company director, writer, motivational speaker, wife and mother of six.

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