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Q & A: Get Recognised

Posted by: The Happy Worker

We all need a bit of recognition - it's nice to be noticed. You may have heard about the Recognised Healthy Workplace Program, seen the gold, silver and bronze symbols and wondered what it is all about.

As one of the Recognised Healthy Workplace program coordinators, I have provided many WA workplaces with support and advice around developing and implementing a workplace health and wellbeing program that benefits both employers and employees.

What is the Recognised Healthy Workplace Program?

The Recognised Healthy Workplace (RHW) program celebrates the achievements of WA workplaces that have made an ongoing commitment to creating a healthy workplace for their staff.  This is such an important part of business and is therefore supported by Unions WA and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

Why should I apply?

There are lots of benefits that come along with being recognised, including:

  • Enhancing the reputation of your business
  • Making you an employer of choice when recruiting new staff
  • Demonstrating your commitment to health and wellbeing and increasing staff retention
  • Providing an opportunity to celebrate and share your success
  • Affirming and growing your workplace culture

How do we become a Recognised Healthy Workplace?

The application process is designed to ensure that all aspects of a robust workplace health and wellbeing program are considered.  One of the HWWA coordinators will be your first point of contact and support you through the application process every step of the way.

Firstly, ensure your workplace health and wellbeing program and/or initiatives address key health issues such as smoking, unhealthy eating, alcohol and physical inactivity.

Secondly, there are 16 selection criteria that you can apply for to become recognised (don’t worry, you don’t need to meet them all at once). If your workplace has done any of the following, you are on the right track - 

  • Allocated resources to employee health and wellbeing
  • Implemented healthy policies and procedures that support the health and wellbeing of workers
  • Provided infrastructure and facilities that support healthy behaviours
  • Raised awareness and educated staff on healthy choices
  • Provided an opportunity for staff to participate in healthy activities

There are three levels of recognition that your workplace can achieve, being Bronze, Silver and Gold. The level of recognition your workplace receives depends on the size of your organisation and the number of selection criteria achieved.   As is the case with many of our recognised workplaces, your level of recognition can change as improvements are made to your workplace health and wellbeing program. 

Read our RHW Application Process and Criteria document to find out more about the application process and the type of evidence that is required or contact us on 1300 550 271 for a chat about how this may work for your organisation.

I don’t know where to start, is there anyone to help me with my application?

The application process can be daunting at first, but don’t fret, we are here to provide you with as much support as possible and can walk you through the entire process. 

It isn’t required, but I always recommend meeting in person first so that we can go through the application process together and discuss what your workplace is currently doing.  You may be meeting many of the outcomes required without realising.

At this initial meeting, the different levels of recognition (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and the evidence you need to provide to achieve each level will be covered. We will also offer practical advice and easy to use tools and templates, to help you improve your program.

Small business? We are here to help

If you are a small business and thinking that there is no way you will be able to become a RHW, don’t be put off! We have accounted for the fact that you don’t have the same amount of resources as a large organisation and factor that in to the application process.

If you would like to schedule a meeting you can email, or call 1300 550 271 and we can have a chat over the phone.

How do I submit my application?

We’re flexible! You can:

  • Complete your application using the online form
  • Email your supporting evidence
  • Submit your evidence on a USB stick or in hard copy format

What happens when I am recognised?  

When you earn recognition you will receive:

  • A certificate to acknowledge your Recognised Healthy Workplace status
  • A Bronze, Silver or Gold icon to display on your website and job ads to attract new staff
  • A detailed profile on our website promoting your health and wellbeing achievements
  • Free opportunities to be promoted in the media, industry publications and across social media
  • Access to the Recognised Healthy Workplace network group
  • Ongoing support and advice to improve your program

A number of workplaces have already been recognised. To read their stories and find out what they are doing, visit the Healthier Workplace WA website.

Ready to join them? Get started today!

Laura AKA Recognitions Guru

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