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Recognised Healthy Workplace Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by: Special Guest

RHW Program - FAQs

In late 2018, Healthier Workplace WA (HWWA) introduced a new streamlined approach to applying to become a Recognised Healthy Workplace (RHW). Here are some frequently asked questions about the application and assessment processes by workplaces wishing to apply for Bronze, Silver or Gold Recognition.

When are applications due?

Applications to become a Recognised Healthy Workplace will be accepted up until 30 November 2020. From the 1 December 2020 we will no longer be accepting applications. 

How long does it take to complete the online application form?

The form takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Are there any mandatory requirements to apply for recognition?

Regardless of what level of Recognition you are applying for, all applications to the RHW Program are required to have: carried out staff consultation; senior management support; a dedicated program coordinator who has undertaken the HWWA Coordinator Training within the last 2 years; and an implemented Action Plan (for at least 6 months).

Does the online application form need to be completed in one sitting?

No – you can save your application at any time using the “save and exit” button. You can then return to the application within 30 days as long as you are using the same device.  If you return to complete the application after 30 days, you would need to start the form from the beginning

Do I need to submit any evidence, such as photos or reports, with my application?

Only workplaces applying for Gold Recognition will need to submit their Action Plan for review.

We have qualified for Gold Recognition and I need to submit our workplace health and wellbeing Action Plan for review. What types of things do I need to include in my Action Plan?  

Your Workplace Health and Wellbeing Action Plan needs to include: a timeline; how your program will be targeting smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity across the strategy areas of health and wellbeing policy, the physical work environment and education and awareness raising activities; and make reference to evaluating program activities. You can download an Action Plan template here

I have completed the online coordinator training before but it was whilst I worked for another workplace. Is this ok?

Yes – as long as you have completed the HWWA Coordinator Training within the last 2 years. If it has been more than 2 years then we ask that you re-complete the training. This can be done online.

Can just a team or department from a workplace apply?

No – a whole workplace needs to apply. However, if it is a regional office of a larger organisation, they can apply as a whole location. Some workplaces may choose to start with seeking Recognition for their head office or a regional office. 

When filling out the Application Form, can the nominated Senior Manager also be listed as the Program Coordinator (that is, the person completing the application form)?

We would prefer than the nominated Senior Manager is a different person to the Program Coordinator. However, if this is unavoidable HWWA will contact you for additional information to support your application.

How long is Recognition valid for?

Recognition is valid for 2 years. Workplaces are welcome to reapply by 30 November 2020 if they wish to transition to a higher Recognition level. Healthier Workplace WA can give you guidance if your workplace would like to work towards achieving a higher level of recognition. 

What are the differences between Gold, Silver and Bronze Recognition?  

The level of Recognition your Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program qualifies for depends on the longevity and comprehensiveness of your Program. Click here to download the table showing the assessment criteria for Gold, Silver and Bronze Recognition. 

What will my workplace receive once we become Recognised? 

Your workplace will receive a Certificate; an electronic medallion to feature on your website and publications where appropriate; a landing page describing your health and wellbeing journey on the HWWA website; Recognition tile to use on social media and email signature. HWWA has also developed a Promotion Kit to support you to celebrate and promote your Recognition. The Promotion Kit includes ideas on how to use your Recognition medallion and a presentation template and speaker notes to assist you in formally announcing your recognition.

Still have a question?  If you have a question or would like more information about how to apply to become a Recognised Healthy Workplace, please email the HWWA team at and one of our team members will get back to you shortly. 


Become a Recognised Healthy Workplace today and celebrate being a leader in workplace health and wellbeing.
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