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Small steps = BIG reward

Posted by: Kristie Dignam

Are you waiting for your circumstances to change before getting serious about exercise? Hoping to drop a few kilos first or maybe holding off for some free time to open up? 

Many of us are guilty of spouting the old favourite, "I’ll start on Monday." I mistakenly started believing - after repeatedly hearing the battle cry, “go hard or go home" - that a marathon super human effort was required, but I’ve since discovered that this type of thinking does not support long term health.  

Consistently blending enjoyable physical exercise into our everyday lives is what makes the real difference and leads to a long and healthy life. Get rid of the ‘all or nothing’ thinking and start taking small steps toward your goals.

Why not start by lacing up your walking shoes? The sun is shining and it is Walk Over October - WA’s month long campaign to encourage West Australians to make walking a priority - what better excuse is there to get up and about? 

Think about ways you can get more steps into your day. Can you walk to work? What about walking to a bus that will get you the rest of the way? Could you take your lunch to a park, or use the stairs instead of the lift? Why not set some workplace walking tasks like heading to the post box or visiting a colleague's desk instead of in-house phone calls. 

If you are having trouble working out how to fit extra steps in your day, try posting your situation in the comments section below for some helpful suggestions.

Make your walks fun by taking music or listening to audio books. Better still, grab a walking buddy and motivate each other while you chat. Change your destination from time to time, visit a friend or a local park. Get a comfortable walking outfit that makes you feel good - whatever works for you. 

If you exercise on your lunch break and you worry about getting back late then consider doing laps and improving your times rather than heading out in one direction.     

If you only have 10 minute blocks available, don’t see that as a problem, get out there a few times in your day and enjoy the breaks. There is no proof that doing exercise in one block is of more benefit, however there is evidence regular walking helps to lower cholesterol, increase bone strength and improve circulation so just put one foot in front of the other.    

If walking starts to seem a little easy, then you might want to increase your intensity by including some hills or picking up the pace a bit. When you feel like you need a change there are plenty of other activities to consider. Remember there is no pressure to be anything other than consistent when it comes to exercise. So stick with it, keep it fun and the results will follow. 

Baby steps or giant strides, its totally up to you, just get moving. See you in the park. 

Kristie x

About Kristie Dignam

Biggest Loser finalist, company director, writer, motivational speaker, wife and mother of six.

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