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Unwind, exercise and enjoy - cycle there instead!

Posted by: Your Move

Unwind, exercise and enjoy - cycle there instead!

Cycling is a great aerobic workout that improves your fitness and weight control and reduces your risk of chronic disease. Riding a bicycle is also a great way to get around, unwind and exercise  - and it’s not just a weekend activity.

Riding to work, the train station or to a business appointment can add fun and fitness to your work week.

Perth City commuter Emma has recently started riding into work and says, “I’m riding three days a week and it’s great. I’ve cashed in my gym membership because I’m getting fit on the way to the office.”

Emma says, “I’ve reclaimed some ‘me time’ by making my commute my exercise time, enjoying some tree lined streets on the journey and arriving at work having escaped the peak-hour crush”.

Getting to work by bicycle is a great way to build physical activity into your routine. If your workplace is too far, try riding to the train station. Business trips could even be made by bicycle – especially if your workplace has a pool bike.

Tips for getting started

  • Safety first – brakes, chain, bell and tyres should be checked for good working condition by you, a bike shop or a mobile bike mechanic
  • Essentials – helmet, pump, repair kit, lights, and if you want to change at work, a towel and panniers (sidebags)
  • Aerobic readiness – If you haven’t ridden for a while, try some short trips to the shop or park or do a cycle skills session
  • Know your location - Buddy up with an experienced rider – they’ll know quiet roads, bike paths and short cuts
  • Check facilities - does your workplace or train station have a rack area to secure your bike

Your Move

  • Want to plan your bike ride? Want to get your workplace active? Your Move offers maps and a journey planner and there are lots of ideas and rewards to help promote walking, cycling and public transport use with fellow employees. 

Did you know?

  • You can ride 5 km in 15 minutes at a moderate pace. Many suburbs have quiet streets great for cycling and there are paths along many major roads. Food for thought!

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