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The Healthy Choices Healthy Futures (HCHF) program is no longer providing services to workplaces however, there are a range of free resources available to promote healthier food and drink choices in your workplace. 

A Healthier Food and Drink in the Workplace: Policy will help support your workers to make healthier food and drink choices. Use this template as a guide to create your own workplace policy.

Workplace Food Environments

From catered events and vending machines to on-site cafes and fundraisers, there is an opportunity to positively influence what workers eat and drink. 


Healthier Catering: A Guide to Assist Workplaces - The healthier catering guide serves to provide some inspiration as well as lots of ideas on how to cater your next workplace function or event, healthily. 

Onsite Café or Canteen

Healthier Food and Drink Guide: The Healthier Food and Drink Guide is designed to assist food service and catering staff involved in the provision of food and drink to workplaces.

Vending Machines

Healthier Vending Machines: An Employer Guide - Vending machines are notorious for sugary drinks, salty snacks and fat laden chocolate bars but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many healthier alternatives to typical vending machine fare presenting an opportunity for workplaces to readily influence the food and drink supply of workers.

Workplace Facilities, Fundraising and Gifts

Healthier Food and Drink Facilities - The facilities at your workplace will influence how and when workers eat. A few careful considerations can greatly enhance and help to support workers to make healthy choices. 

Healthier Fundraising: A guide -  There are ways to fundraise without chocolate and still make a profit. Small changes can make a big difference. 

Healthier Gifts and Rewards - Whether it is as a thank you gift, a sign of appreciation, a small reward for hard work or an incentive, there are healthier alternatives.


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