March Charge 2019

The March Charge

Date: 31 March 2019
Time: 12.00am - 12.00pm

Australia-wide. Anywhere, anytime during March 2019!

The March Charge is a fun personal fitness challenge that has an enormous impact on how cancer is researched and treated. This online, month-long personal challenge starts on the 1 March 2019 and runs through until the 31 March 2019.

One third of cancers can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle; including by being physically active every day, enjoying a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy body weight. Every year in Australia around 37,000 cancer cases could be avoided by prevention alone. Just by walking or running for Cancer Council this March, and by raising funds, you can help Cancer Council Charge ahead with cancer research, prevention, advocacy, and support services.

You can choose to go solo or get your friends/family/colleagues together and do it as a team anywhere and anytime during March – it’s up to you!

Charge anywhere/anytime you like! Charge in the morning with your family or walk with your colleagues at lunch – it’s your Charge and your choice 


Tell cancer where to go and register here to join the March Charge in 2019!



Registrations for this event are now closed.

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