Webinar: Workplace Mental Health Strategies

Webinar: Workplace Mental Health Strategies

Date: 01 March 2018
Time: 12:30 - 1:30 pm

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When it comes to planning mental health strategies in the workplace, do you know where to start? If you answered no, then you should register for our Workplace Mental Health Strategy Webinar.

Mental health and stress management is a big issue in many workplaces, so it's important to know how to develop an effective strategy to ensure your workplace is mentally healthy.

Tasha Broomhall, director and lead facilitator for Blooming Minds Mental Health and Wellbeing will facilitate the session which aims to equip you with the framework to develop and implement a Workplace Mental Health Strategy. In the session, Tasha will:

  • outline the rationale for developing a Workplace Mental Health Strategy to assist you to develop your business case;
  • provide a map of the steps to take to develop your Workplace Mental Health Strategy;
  • provide you with the tools to take away and implement in your organisation straight away.

Places are limited, register today!

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