Workplace Wellness on a Budget

Webinar: Workplace Wellness on a Budget

Date: 27 November 2019
Time: 12.30-1.30pm

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Have you been given the task of implementing a workplace wellness program for your workplace but have only been allocated a very limited budget (or no budget at all!)?

Join Healthier Workplace WA and Wellness Designs for our upcoming FREE webinar WORKPLACE WELLNESS ON A BUDGET and learn more about practical and cost-effective strategies for creating programs that your employees will love.    

Regardless of budget, cost-effective workplace wellness programs boost productivity and are critical to business success and sustainability. Whilst it would be wonderful to have an endless bucket of money to spend on a workplace wellness program, this isn’t always the reality.

Guest presenter Katrina Walton (Director, Wellness Designs) will provide an overview and examples of cost-effective strategies workplaces can implement to help create a successful workplace health program. 

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